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iVoice …. improve your energy, balance your CHI, feel better,
feel more relaxed and younger.

iVoice is a product for enhancing the sound quality of your voice.

Wearing the iVoice can extend the vocal range and amplify the volume. Good vocal projection with enhanced intelligibility can be created easily without putting a strain on the vocal muscles. This can prevent vocal fatigue or damage from overuse. Two pendant designs and a clip-on version are available to suit different needs.

iVoice Classic

Price: $390.00

iVoice Slim

Price: $390.00

iVoice Clip

Price: $390.00


For activities associated with vocally demanding jobs:

  • Singing – lead singers, backing vocals, choir, musical actors, etc.
  • Speech – public speakers, politicians, pastors, teachers, presenters of seminars, salesman, actors, etc.

For physically strenuous activities:

  • Sports – most sports and demanding activities

Directions for use

  • Wear one iVoice Slim around the neck

Optional: For better results, place two additional iVoices (either the pendant or the clip) symmetrically on both sides of the hip, ideally in the left and right pocket forming a triangle.

See our manual for details and explanation.

Key product Benefits

  • Increases breathing efficiency and prevents vocal fatigue
  • Extends the entire vocal range and widens volume dynamics
  • Improves vocal projection and boosts volume
  • Improves articulation, dynamics and intonation
  • Enhances vocal details and intelligibility
  • Encourages faster reaction and better body balance
  • Improves performance in sports and all physically strenuous activities
  • Feel younger
  • Balance your CHI
  • Feel more relaxed


  • Contemporary jewelry design
  • No adverse effect on the body
  • No maintenance is necessary
  • Stainless steel, special alloy

Size and Weight:

  • Length: 46 mm, 1.8 “
  • Width: 10 mm, 0.34″
  • Depth: 4 mm, 0.2″
  • Weight: 12.8 grams, 0.45 oz

Our statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.