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The MAX 02 maximizes oxygen quality with EUPHORIA TECHNOLOGY™. The MAX02 harmonizes the protons and electrons within the oxygen.


IPC with it’s headquarters in Hong Kong, has been developing it’s breakthrough EUPHORIA TECHNOLOGY ™ for over 14 years. This technology improves the natural properties of protons and electrons within the atom. All matter consists of atoms. This includes the human body, animals and plants. IPC technology organizes and harmonizes the protons and electrons within the atom from a chaotic state into a state of harmony. This entire process takes place within the field of quantum physics – which knows no time or space.


IPC successfully applies this technology with great efficiency to many different areas, as everything on this planet is solely based on frequencies. EUPHORIA TECHNOLOGY ™increases the quality and energy of food and beverage and doubles the shelf life of food.


Another seemingly limitless application of this technology becomes apparent when you see how this technology is transmits through cameras, monitors, and telephone lines, wired or wireless across the world and unrestrained by time or space.
See demo videos under http://ipcglobal.org/safestcellphone/
as well as under http://ipcglobal.org/iwand/


An additional effect ist hat the body requires less rest, is physically stronger and more resilient. Simply more energy. The flow of energy (CHI) along the meridians is accelerated. Oxygen supply and circulation is also increased. All in all, this is a new future-oriented technology, which so far has no comparison.


The O2 saturation in the red blood cells of an average healthy person is between 95% – 97% . Levels ​​below 95% are usually indicators of poor health. Balanced pH and high oxygen levels are the most natural ways to combat and avoid disease. An optimum level of 99% – 100% of oxygen saturation is the goal.


Oxygen that has passed through the MAX 02 becomes the highest quality in oxygen that the world has ever experienced. The MAX 02 processed oxygen is so finely structured that it can be maximally absorbed by the body. The MAX 02 functions as a compact hyperbaric chamber.


Using the MAX 02 for 20 minutes or more per day could represent a new fitness standard benefitting the normal consumer as well as any top level athlete, as oxygen levels of 99 – 100% can be easily achieved and maintained.


Training application:
5 minute warm up on the Treadmill, Stepper, Elliptical ……
Full intensity for 30 seconds.
Rest for 90 seconds.
Full intensity for 30 seconds.
Rest for 90 seconds.


This cycle of 30 second full intensity followed by a 90 second rest should be repeated 10 times. This represents a complete training cycle. This process maximizes the saturation of the blood. After a few weeks you will reach the 99% – 100% level.


There are many kinds of oxygen containers for rent or sale. The MAX 02 connects between the oxygen source and the breather (mouthpiece). A tube from the oxygen source is connected to the rear of the MAX 02. A second tube runs from the back of the MAX02 to the breather.


Size approx  10“ x 9“  x  3.1“     25 x 22 x 8 cm
Weight approx. 4.6 lbs   2.1 kg
Built-in power supply for 110 V to 230 V

Our statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.